Are sex dolls coming to Lithuania?

Are sex dolls coming to Lithuania? - Sekso Lėlė

Are sex dolls coming to Lithuania?

Have you heard of sex dolls that express emotions, give feelings of natural sex, and sometimes even intensify conversation?

If not, then check out the latest sex dolls, also known as robot sex dolls.

It is not for nothing that the name of these sex dolls comes from English – the first models of smart sex dolls were created in America.

One of the most impressive sex dolls created in 2018. and named the sex doll robot Harmony. use the mobile app doll owners can choose not only the doll’s clothing, features, but even the pleasant timbre of the voice.

Gradually, these innovations are coming to Lithuania as well

True, to buy one of the newer models, you may have to dive into online searches. Sex shops have struggled to keep pace with innovation, so there may be more online latest but noteworthy models.

The trade in sex robots in physical stores is much worse. This is probably influenced by the shyness of Lithuanians to visit a sex shop, not to mention their interest in a sex doll rather than a sex toy. It is not for nothing that conversations or information about the innovations of sex dolls in Lithuania are a rarity, and more advertisements or public presentations of sex dolls are almost commonplace.

However, sometimes it is a secret, but Lithuanians are also interested in these innovations. Online sex shops have been around for years. And that means they have a circle of potential buyers.

By the way, online stores selling these dolls in Lithuania highly value the confidentiality of customers. When you get the packed beauty on the box, you won’t find a store logo, a robot sex doll, or any other similar inscription on the box.

Although smart sex dolls – robots, such as the robot sex doll „Harmony” are still available in Lithuania, dolls for sex for Lithuanians are also worth noting. Such dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This substance creates a sensation in a person’s skin, making it difficult to distinguish if it is not a real woman’s skin by touching the dolls.

The inside of the sex dolls is fitted with a metal construction, which allows the dolls to be folded in all poses. Both external and internal sexual organs are sex dolls, so the experiences of a woman during sexual intercourse do not differ from the feelings of having sex with a real woman.

With quality sex dolls and longevity, men who buy them can enjoy sex for one year. Of course, if a sex doll is cared for. sellers provide recommendations on how much time and how to clean a sex doll, and purchasing tools for this purpose in Lithuania is also not a problem.

Many know that sex has a positive effect on both physical and psychological health. It is also not news that Lithuanians are one of the most unhappy nations.

By the way, lonely people get sick more often than the strong second half. Of course, sex dolls will not cure this and similar diseases.

However, getting rid of stress and tension during sex, experiencing pleasant emotions and changes in hormones in the body undoubtedly improve mood and emotional well-being.

And this is only for the benefit of Lithuanians. Then it is worthwhile for compatriots to look at sex dolls not only as toys designed to satisfy bodily pleasures, but also as sexual companies that improve general well-being.

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